Many homes or office buildings lack adequate storage space or do not leave room available for indoor activities. In these situations, people may struggle with organization or feeling cramped inside. A new product called a V-Bar, however, is making storage and indoor activities much easier and creating extra space inside of homes and offices.

Why is a V-Bar Helpful?

V-Bars were designed to create unique and helpful wall and Ceiling Mounts that can be used for a wide range of different functions. V-Bars can be used inside homes, offices and garages to create more available storage space and indoor play sets to create functional indoor gyms and recreation areas. This is especially helpful in small, cramped areas that could benefit from a greater amount of floor or counter space. Those with children can create an indoor play area, so that kids can remain active and entertained during any type of weather conditions. Fitness enthusiasts can create a home gym so that they can work out more conveniently and avoid gym membership fees.

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What Options Are Available for the V-Bar?

The V-Bar comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any individual preference or mounting need. V-Bars range in size from two feet to eight feet, so that they can be used in tight spaces or to create useful Storage Solutions for large items. Each size of bar is capable of holding up to one thousand pounds or more, making it useful for a variety of needs or functions. These useful mounting bars also come with different color options; blue, black, red, white, tan and natural steel finishes are all available. These varied options help make the V-Bar the perfect choice for any home or office that could use more free space or better Mounting Solutions inside.


Where Can the V-Bar Be Purchased?

As of now, the V-Bar is only available online from the manufacturer, Versatile Mounting Solutions. However, the company is offering the V-Bars to third-party sellers, and it will even add a specialized logo or design to suit any business needs. Expect to see V-Bars for sale in retail outlets in the near future, but for now visit the manufacturer's web page to order.


V-Bars are the best way to make more room inside of a home or office and to make spaces more functional for an array of uses. These unique ceiling or Wall Mounts can be used in nearly any location, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. V-bars make home gyms and play areas possible while creating more useful storage space inside an office or home.

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